The mission of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in The Commonwealth of Kentucky is to collect and preserve historic artifacts; to preserve and restore buildings connected with early history of our state; to preserve and operate the museum property known as Liberty Hall Historic Site; to educate the public; to create an interest in history; and to stimulate a spirit of patriotism.


Board Members

Alice Herrington - Strategic Planning Chair; Betsy Lankford - Development Chair; Ellen Bland - Membership Chair; Janie Pappas - 1st VP/President-elect; ​

Jennie Leavell - Communications/Marketing; Julie Davis - Patriotic Service; Kate Mulhearn - Volunteer Coordinator; Kit Davis (ex-officio, nonvoting); Marcey Broderson - Treasurer; Maria Roach - Corresponding Secretary; Muffy Stuart (ex-officio, nonvoting); Ruth Cloudman – President; Jessie Fennell – Building  and Grounds; Sharon Cox - Past President; Adnee Hamilton – Registrar; Ashley Averill - Gardens;  Elizabeth Rightmyer - Museum Properties (2nd VP); Nancy Meade - Recording Secretary; Peggy Graddy - Programs;

Myra Prewitt – Historian; Ellen Chapman - Historical Activities co-chair;

Martha Nicol - Historical Activities co-chair; Susan Coblin - Human Resources Chair; Lisette Markham - At large; Ann Fleming - Development. 


Patriotic Service


purpose to support the education of early American History.


Three times a year Dames participate in the Naturalization Ceremonies welcoming new Americans to Citizenship  explaining the historical significance of the NSCDA and  presenting each one with  a flag pin and a copy of the BILL of RIGHTSThis is a 45 -60 minute ceremony depending on the number of new citizens to be sworn in. 



Goods are ordered and donated-usually different dentist donate tooth brushes and toothpaste. Donations are collected to cover the charge of the supplies comes from donations by Dames at the November and April General Meetings-take basket for the donations to the meetings. Purchased good-toiletries from The Dollar Store are ordered using the Tax Exempt form, boxes and ribbon from Baughman Paper Co., in Lexington. Socks were purchased from Sam’s Club.


Historical Activities

The National Historical Activities Committee works in the fields of research, preservation, restoration and education, according to the Objects of the Society as set forth in Article II of the NSCDA Constitution. The Corporate Societies across the United States use the guidelines and five national sponsored projects as a starting place and then, depending upon the interest of the membership, chose specific projects or programs.


NSCDA-KY has such as enjoyed trips to historic sites, cleaning cemetery stones of the Brown family in the Frankfort Cemetery, hosting book groups in Louisville and Lexington, transcription of letters in the Liberty Hall collections, and other projects throughout the years. We work to preserve the past and educate the public as well as our members.


We are Entrusted With History’s Future!





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National Society of Colonial Dames in Kentucky (NSCDA-KY)


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